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Money, Love, and Magic - How do you make money fall in love with you? Get expert discussions and insider tips every Friday with Morgana Radio. Each interview gives access to practical tools and inner shifts to build a financially successful life that puts Love, Lifestyle, and Legacy first. Guests on the show are global influencers, multi-million dollar mentors, romance mavens, and kick ass spiritual change agents. The podcast is hosted by Morgana Rae, a pioneer in personal development for over 20 years, and widely regarded to be the world’s leading Relationship with Money expert.
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Apr 29, 2016

Evakarin Wallin is a mindset coach, speaker, author and founder of Freedom Based Mindset a technique that changes limitations into possibilities. She is in the forefront of how to use the subconscious mind to reprogram limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs that allow you to manifest more easily and effortlessly.
She is the author of Boost Your Business With A Book and has had several of her articles published in Ascala Magazine and More Business Magazine.

She started out as a coach in 2001. She was one of the first coaches in Sweden. Witch meant that nobody new what coaching was when she started out and she did not know how to sell. She got herself a coach and learned the basics of marketing.

Very soon she saw a lot of small business owners in need to learn marketing, so she became a marketing coach. She did that for several years but could not break through to the next level. It was like hitting the glass ceiling.

Then she started to investigate what was going on within her. That was the start of a journey that took four years and led to Freedom Based Mindset - a technique that literally release fears and limitations instantly.

She has to this date helped several hundreds of people with this process and have had more than 50 people to learn it within the first year of teaching it.

In this talk...

• Why you find yourself stressed and struggling to create what you want
• The 3 most common mistakes youíre making when trying to manifest something into your life
• The secret to turning it around once and for all.

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Apr 22, 2016

Amy Ahlers, The Wake-Up Call Coach, is the bestselling author of Big Fat Lies Women Tell Themselves and Reform Your Inner Mean Girl: 7 Steps to Stop Bullying Yourself & Start Loving Yourself. Amy is on is on a mission to stop women and mamas from being so darn hard on themselves.

She's been a Certified Life Coach for over 16 years and is the co-creator of transformational programs such as Inner Mean Girl Reform School, Find Your Calling & Visionary Ignition Switch. Amy's been featured on lots of TV and radio shows and leads virtual and in person retreats for women around the world so they cultivate the courage to follow their Inner Wisdom.
Amy is passionate about helping soulful mamas embrace the messiness and magic of motherhood in her truth telling community, Mama Truth Circle, and new and notable podcast, Mama Truth show.

You can often find Amy holding hands with the love of her life and husband, Rob, as they chase after their firecracker daughters, Annabella and Evie Rose. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family and rescue mutt, Batman.

In this talk...

• We ALL have inner critics, or Inner Mean Girls, that love to sabotage us and keep us in our comfort zones (even when they are excruciating!) 

• The key to reforming your Inner Mean Girl is not to kill her off, but rather to LOVE her into a new job and redeploy her for good. 

• Make sure your Inner Wisdom is making your decisions in your life...this will lead you to your own distinct, perfectly aligned magic.

• When in doubt, go to your body for its wisdom. 

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Apr 15, 2016

Harrison Klein is a human behavioral transformationalist and global luminary, an educator, an internationally known and sought after, personal growth, organizational and business consultant.  He has been teaching for over 31 years and has taught and consulted over 4,400 individual people and 30 corporations. He advises people and organizations from all walks of life on personal and professional development and achievement.  His clients range from CEO’s of International Organizations to health care professionals, spiritual seekers, politicians, manufacturers and celebrity personalities. 

In this talk...

* You'll discover the 3 threads that run through all the world's greatest accomplishments and wealth 
* You'll feel worthy of receiving wealth influence and affluence
* You'll dissolve past baggage that hinder Wealth reception
* You'll generate stronger reasons to generate wealth
* You'll dissolve your wealth fantasies and get real about what real wealth takes    
* You'll learn to manage your emotions and actions about money 
* You'll expand your purpose, vision and cause for wealth building rather than wealth spending

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Apr 8, 2016

Our thoughts and feelings create our reality!

Intellectually we all get this. So we all try to "stay positive", do our best etc.

We are all busy working hard daily in our march towards our dreams.

We wake up in the morning, do our physical cleaning rituals of showering, brushing out teeth etc and we "take off" for the day!

Yet, despite 'being positive' and 'doing our best' we soon find ourselves lost, confused, disconnected and in pain.

So what happened?

Since childhood we are taught to have a PHYSICAL HYGIENE!

However we pay very little attention to our EMOTIONAL/ INNER HYGIENE. Possibly because we donít SEE the emotional/inner stuff, we think its not there! Well what would happen if you didnít brush your teeth, take a shower or go to the toilet?

The same thing happens when we do not clear out the INNER EMOTIONAL DIRT & DEBRIS - it adds up and creates blocks in every area of life - PHYSICAL & EMOTIONAL DIS-EASE!

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